International Architecture Workshop 2012



Welcome Center Design for Nagahama historical city

 2011年の第4回は、韓国の蔚山大学にて『世界遺産“良洞マウルの歴史性を生かしたWelcome Center Design”』というテーマで実施された。今回のワークショップではテーマを『歴史が融合する街“長浜”ウェルカムセンター計画』とし、長浜市庁舎跡地の一部に長浜の歴史・風土を活かしたウェルカムセンターを提案することとする。

 The International Workshop of architecture between The University of Shiga Prefecture and Ulsan University began the summer of 2008, which held the 5th edition in this year. This year also the University of Seville (Spain) will be joint, and the increase of the international character of the workshops is expected.
 The past 4th edition in 2011, the Workshop was carried out in the University of Ulsan in South Korea and was targed on the design of a Welcome Center for the traditional Yangdong Folk Village (UNESCO World Heritage site). In the present edition the workshop theme “Welcome Center Design for Nagahama historical city” will be placed in the old town of Nagahama city to make a fusion of its history through in the design of a new Welcome Center.
 The performing of fieldwork in mixed teams of the three university students will be a great chance for exchanges of ideas. We look forward for attractive ideas to the present edition proposal.


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